DK ONE is the Latvian brand for tennis and multi-functional sports clothing.

The core values of DK ONE are comfort, originality and quality.

It all started in 2017, when brand founder Daniela, a professional tennis player and trainer, stitched up first tennis dress. Colleagues were excited about the look and comfort of the dress, and even asked to sew it up. That is how the idea of creating the first DK ONE tennis clothing collection was born.

The first DK ONE brand presentation took place in June 2018. Daniela's dream had been implemented, but for the company to be successful, recognizable and competitive, hard work must be done. Daniela realized that the creation of sportswear collections became the big part of her daily life.

In response to the growing interest in DK ONE, from 2019 tennis as well as clothing for other types of sports is available to customers of all ENRI tennis courts and Tennis Club “Jūra.” Shoppers have the option of dating all the brand’s products, buying them on-site or making an order. Collections of clothing for children, women and men are currently available. DK ONE also creates clothing collections for tennis schools and different types of sports teams.

Sports clothing created by the DK ONE brand emphasizes your individuality and you'll feel more confident and successful!

DK ONE – play and win!